Business of Holidaying

Holidays. If they had a way to express, ‘spare me’, would it be.

A sparing dose of holidays was enough to kick start the rest of the working months.  After slogging it out; waiting for the next fresh batch of holiday, was a natural progression of deprived corporate and state slaves. Packing off clothes for weeks of stay at the native place. Then packing another smaller duffle bag for a weekend stay at another relative’s place. That’s how holidays started and ended. Chugging through the length and breadth of India.

If, back then holidays were ice creams, then they were vanilla flavoured.

Now, I eat ice creams flavoured with all edible toppings, fillings and sprinklers. Low fat ice creams. Vegan ice creams. Green tea ice creams. And much more. I am spoilt by options now.

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