Dhoni does it again. Win our hearts. Only if we could have more like him around us; the walk down the road could be a pleasure.  Given our recent defeat under the England team, cricket fans will not like my demand. Still, I wish for more men like him. Men who don’t make their mothers and sisters cringe miles away.

News went viral when the Indian ace cricketer stated that ‘I don’t allow my boys to give maa-behen ke gaali’. Did you get it?  Under his stewardship, none of the boys can use any fowl language or swear words. Isn’t that incredible!

How many of us haven’t gone to bed without having to hear those beep beep words; everywhere. Right from the precincts of the house to the ruthless roads outside; they are everywhere, dropped verbally.   Amidst this, if a national team ex-captain condemns such profanity of language, then as a woman I must appreciate him.

Now these offensive words float around in our environs, all day. After popping out from an overtly agitated person’s mouth, they jump around from one eardrum to the other. Ever expanding their cult. They are not afflicted by the presence of children. They just go around like the Brazilian wave.

There are some fowl words which go around in mild forms; still a strong component of the everyday dialect.  But then there are some which irk me the most; one’s which inflicts awkwardness upon the respective mother’s and sister’s. This one rolls out audaciously from the pink cavern. What an irony; mother tongue rolling outrageous comments for the mother’s and the sister’s. You know, these cuss words are so well blended in the verbal exchange that even before one wakes to their literary meaning, they would have already caused the emotional damage.  Some call it slang and some may call it just a habit. But all men reading, there are better slangs to use and there are better habits to acquire.  Profanity under the garb of such venting-out doesn’t sell well.

Certain psychologist bat that sometimes people are so angry and frustrated that they spell out these fowl words as a means of catharsis. All right! I get that, but what about when these people are happy and excited? They still pop them. I fathom no reason for that. It starts from the mind, but now it’s more about ‘habits’.  Cuss words are prefixed, suffixed and infixed without making any change in the meaning of the sentence. Well, the only difference being that the sentence is now bedecked with obnoxious infusions. Infusion of close relations, who are not even a part of the conversation but their reference, makes the speaker look sort of macho or cool.

In abusive families, young minds are tuned in on these from a very early age. They understand that these words make the male members look stronger and powerful. And, then there is no guessing on how tactfully they start to use these cuss words with the friends outside; at school or in the park.

Coming to the other point, why weren’t these fowl words ever created for all the men in the world? Because overpowering and showing strength over weaker beings is an easy task.  No one amongst them will have the courage to either create masculine fowl words or object to the existing one.

Reality television shows thrive on beep beep… Aggressive, young captain lip syncs his catharsis on the field… Pent-up driver at traffic jams yells them at the top of his pitch…Salesman screams with the infixed swears…Young boys at upscale bistro clap a high-five after exchanging their C’s, M’s and B’s…A rickshaw puller murmuring them while paddling over…A shopkeeper hurling them while admonishing the under aged helper at his store..

Its epidemic. Everywhere. If Dhoni has been the first man to object to these, should we not appreciate? At least there is a beginning. Who knows, like for all other things, he may have followers for this too!


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