New Book Release – Ancient and Lost Temples of Kashmir

Ancient & Lost Temples of Kashmir by Avanti Sopory
What happened to the glorious temples of Kashmir after repeated plunders by foreign mercenaries? How much does the world know or care about the beautiful temples of Kashmir? Kashmir is not only the beauteous ‘heaven on earth’; it is also a victim of vandalism at the hands of intolerant fundamentalists. Innumerable holy caves, springs, shrines, and temples dotted the crown of India, most of which have been destroyed by plunderers or relegated to neglected oblivion by the majority. Through in-depth research, Sopory has attempted to set straight generations of misrepresented historical facts about Kashmir. She has brought forth the ancient and lost cultural and spiritual wealth of Kashmir that has over the centuries faced multiple attacks. Not only does this book chronicle the legacy of Kashmir’s temples, it raises a fervent plea for remedial action.
Are you ready to explore this vast heritage?