Dhoni does it again. Win our hearts. Only if we could have more like him around us; the walk down the road could be a pleasure.  Given our recent defeat under the England team, cricket fans will not like my demand. Still, I wish for more men like him. Men who don’t make their mothers and sisters cringe miles away.

News went viral when the Indian ace cricketer stated that ‘I don’t allow my boys to give maa-behen ke gaali’. Did you get it?  Under his stewardship, none of the boys can use any fowl language or swear words. Isn’t that incredible!

How many of us haven’t gone to bed without having to hear those beep beep words; everywhere. Right from the precincts of the house to the ruthless roads outside; they are everywhere, dropped verbally.   Amidst this, if a national team ex-captain condemns such profanity of language, then as a woman I must appreciate him.

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